Joske Diesfeldt (1954)
Wauwerdries 2
B 3210 Lubbeek (Belgium)
Telephone+ 32 16 633787
Fax + 32 16 640276

"As a consultant and coach you have to look for what ‘works’ with those particular persons in their specific context. Successful consultancy is always tailored to each client’s needs. In my mind creativity and purposiveness are the most important basic ingredients to achieve the desired result. Besides this, I love seeing my work bare fruit."

Joske Diesfeldt is partner and president of the Association for Organisation Development. She studied remedial education at the University of Amsterdam and has also worked for the State Training Institute. Since 1985 she has been working independently as organisation consultant. Besides numerous workshops she has also trained in the area of intervision, psychodrama, executive coaching and training for trainers. She has a master’s degree in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).
Joske guides processes of change in organisations and organisation development projects both in the commercial as well as in the non-profit sector. Her skills are often requested in helping to formulate a corporate vision and setting it on the right course. Cultural changes are also part and parcel of her work. Again and again she is called in to assist in the amelioration of collaboration and relationships in top and middle management teams She is also consultant in the area of training policy and planning, and has also specialised in the starting up and guiding of training programmes in which managers learn to take on a more coaching aspect in their leadership and specialists / professionals learn consultancy and influencing. She has wide experience in the training of consultants and also runs person-oriented workshops.
Besides this she also offers people the opportunity to make the most of each other’s skills by setting up intervision and mutual consultancy paths. Joske coaches managers, heads of department, specialists and teams in the development of an increased personal and social competence leading to increased efficiency in their working environment. She also trains coaches to carry out this work within or outside their own organisation. She is also both a personal coach as well as a shadow consultant.
Joske works in varied international assignments and projects as a consultant, executive coach and trainer. She conducts workshops at international conferences as well.
Joske is a member of IODA (International Organisation Development Association). She works among other in the USA, Far East, Spain, Russia, Poland and Israel.