Our networks

The Association can call upon an extensive network of specialists. We work intensively together with a permanent, growing group of consultants, trainers and interim managers, both national and international. These associates work freelance, have their own office or work for other consultancy agencies or organizations. We realise the importance of both listening to other points of view and exchanging our ideas networking with colleagues. From within the Association we form specific networks that can contribute to the development of specific themes or products.

We also work together in a number of projects: with one another, with associates and third parties, especially when it can be beneficial for the client. It is important to us that that everyone make his own, personal contribution with an added value for the result of the assignment.

Organisations and colleagues with whom we work presently:
In the Netherlands: V.U.Change Management (Amsterdam), Johan Boonekamp, Engbert Breuker (www.engbertbreuker.nl), Marianne Eussen (www.paletonline.nl), Inez Kohlman (www.imaginez.nl), Francine Lameris (www.fronton.nl), Dedan Schmidt, Erik Sons, Ronald van Wijk.

International Organisation Development Association (IODA), Campoverde Consultores Asociados S.A.C. (Peru), Herzelia Interdisciplinary Center IDC (Israel), Ilfaro (Belgium), Top Management Consult (Moscou), Treetops (South Africa), Rita Aloni (Tel Aviv University, Israel, Jaime Amsel (Israël), Ury Gluskinos (Israel), Stan Hinckley (U.S.A.), Henk de Jong (New York), Frank Rambaek (Germany), Bruno Vanmackelbergh (Belgium), Jef Winnepenninckx (Belgium), Fien Wuestenberg (Belgium).