Johann Wuestenberg (1949)
Wauwerdries 2
B 3210 Lubbeek (Belgium)
Telephone+ 32 16 633787
Fax + 32 16 640276

"I think it’s important to ‘wake up’ and mould the potential available in individuals, teams and organisations".

Johann Wuestenberg is partner and member of the board of the Association for Organisation Development. He studied sociology and law at the Catholic University of Leuven and did a postgraduate course ‘Group and Organisation’ at Limburg University, both in Belgium. Since 1975 he has worked as a self-employed organisation consultant and coach in Belgium, the Netherlands and Israel. Johann was one of the founders of the Association for Organisation Development (Associatie voor OrganisatieOntwikkeling). He has a broad international experience with the education of managers and consultants in various fields. His work did bring him to the US, Asia, Spain, Russia, Poland and Israel. His clients are mostly in the banking-business, consultancy and in the process-industry. He guides complex changes, like mergers and major change projects in global enterprises. He also coaches managers on a one to one basis and works with teams to enlarge their effectivity.
Johann works in English, French and Dutch and if necessary with the help of an interpreter. He is ‘liaison’ for Belgium and France of the IODA (International Organisation Development Association), the international professional organisation for organisation consultants. He is one of the founders of this organisation. He is teaching at the postgraduate training “Change Management”of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Johann was a keen sportsman, having done athletics, aikido, skydiving and diving. He currently plays in a rock band and dances the tango with his wife and colleague Joske Diesfeldt.